Thank you for stopping by and supporting a natural way of life. My name is Angela. I am an ordinary mother of two children. I started becoming a lot more aware of the world around and within me. I choose to live as close to Mother Nature as possible and continuously make better choices when it comes to health. 

My love for natural things started at a very young age. Coming from an Italian and West Indian background, good quality, fresh, nutritional food was always on the menu. Lucky for me hey! So the love for natural things started with my belly basically!


All of my discoveries have lead me to steer clear of as many toxins as possible especially those which are frequently found in most commercial, beauty products. I knew that there had to be a better way and began researching what the alternatives might be and came up with my own concoctions. 


The first product to be trialled was Hemp Hair Food. I tried it out on my daughter’s hair, which was brittle, slow growing and very dry. After the first application the dryness was gone and her hair was much softer and more manageable. I was also using it on my own hair, which also made it super-soft and so much more workable. Soon, other people began to notice how much better my daughter’s hair had become and asked me what I was doing. Then the orders started to come in.

Special note for those of you who might have never tried natural beauty products before:

Every product is made with only the ingredients that aid the particular area of the body for which it was created. Therefore we use the bare minimum; only the simplest and purest of ingredients for the particular treatment. Not wasting or adding things that are unnecessary is important to us. This doesn't mean that our products only have 1 or 2 ingredients in them. One has 14, all of which aid or benefit in nourishing the hair, for example.

Changing to a more natural way of life means that your senses have to adjust to new or unusual flavours, sensations and smells. In the west, we are unaware of the sensory overload that we experience, often being bombarded with sweet and salty flavours, loud music, overbearing smells, visual enticements etc. It's not by accident. Big companies understand our human behaviour patterns and what gets us addicted, which they employ to get us to consume their products.

What's wrong with that? We all want to 'feel better' but how can we feel 'better' if the other half of the world is starving or living in squaller or all of our environment is being destroyed just so I've got a nice smelly shower gel. That being said, I am part of this world too and drive a gas guzzling car, I burn gas to cook. I also consume less from companies who don't have a good track record with human rights, for example, but as I learn, I adjust. Rome wasn't built in a day! But if you have arrived here and are still reading this, then it is highly likely that you know what I am talking about and are interested in helping out Mother Earth and an ordinary mother who wants you to have the best products for your body whilst having the least impact on the planet.


…and this is where you are now…have a lovely time.


                                                                                ... Angela ...


Handmade With Love 

 We Guarantee all of our products are:


. handmade

. use only natural ingredients 

. use as much edible/food grade ingredients as possible

. use recyclable containers 

. use as much organic ingredients as possible

. use recycled/recyclable/biodegradable packaging 

. are never tested on animals 

. support local businesses