Why People Love Our Products

Amy Langridge

Hair Hemp Food has literally saved my hair from dryness and split ends! I use it every time I wash my hair and it keeps my curls neat and wavy as my hair is naturally curly. I also use it as a hair mask over night before I wash it to give my hair the glossy texture. It has really helped my hair keep in good condition, I often get compliments on how healthy my hair looks since I've been using Hair Hemp Food! A definite must have in your beauty bag - I lOVE IT ! 


Charlene Brewster

Being a professional hair dresser I know when I've come across something magical when it comes to hair. I have been using Hemp hair food for about a year now. And I can honestly say that it has made a difference in mine and my daughter's hair. I tend to get quite a dry and itchy scalp and in the past have struggled to find something that would relieve this issue for me. The fact that Hemp hair food uses all natural ingredients made me feel comfortable to use it freely and I immediately noticed a positive difference in the health of my scalp.

It has also helped the overall condition of my daughter's hair. By keeping it conditioned, detangled and by adding a beautiful shine both wet and dry. It has helped to thicken her hair and improve growth especially around her hairline.

I would encourage any individual wanting an all natural product to help the health of their hair and scalp to give Hemp hair food a try... you won't regret it!



Serena Smithers 

I first started using this product through a little sample that I was given, having smelt it in a family members hair and asking, "What is that?"  As a person who is a lover of natural smells and oils, this didn't have the typical chemical smell that you tend to find consistent in hair products used by people of Afro-descent.

I then used the product in my daughter's hair which is quite naturally thick and gets dry very easily, I noticed her scalp looked so much healthier and her scalp seemed less irritated.  As she suffers from eczema flare ups, I am very selective with what she uses as certain things can irritate her head and hair a lot faster than others.  She loved the product and I loved how it smoothed out the texture of her hair and gave it back it's natural shine.

As I am a wearer of different hairstyles myself varying from extensions to weaves to natural styles, I started to use this product to protect my own hair underneath my protective styles and even my hairdressers could feel the difference in the consistency of my hair and the health of my scalp. 

It is a great product which is natural only so is such a bonus, and has the correct balance of essential products to nourish, protect and grow your hair.  

Therefore it is a product that I would highly recommend if you like these types of products and want visible and quick results.

Ann Ferry 

I went for a swim in the sea and after I'd washed my hair, I decided I would use the hair grease to prevent my hair from drying out. I was a bit concerned at first because I have fine hair and don't usually put grease on it. However, after I'd applied it, I plaited my hair and went to bed. The following morning, to my surprise, my hair was extremely soft and CURLY! I expected to have to wash the grease out in the morning but didn't have to because it had absorbed into my hair! It's such an amazing product. I would recommend anyone, no matter what hair type they have, to give it a try. After you have, you'll be banging down the door for your next order!


                                        Sydney Gbasai
Hemp Hair Food is God's gift to earth. I totally love products that are all natural so I feel like I hit the jackpot when I started using this. Coming from a mixed ethnic background, I really struggled finding a product that can hold in my hair. Either their too heavy for my hair or they don't hold my hair properly. This hair grease is perfect in so many ways. I just love how extremely smooth it feels when applied on my hair and always leaves a long lasting softness feel to my hair. Just Love It   -Sydney 


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